Electric cars are the future of the Automobile Industry|| 5 Reasons why EVs are getting popular

Electric cars are the future of Automobiles. This is not a newly invented but a new trend in the Automobile industry. Most car manufacturers are converting their old fuel cars into electric cars. Converting old fuel cars into electric cars here means they are selling old models of their petrol and diesel cars in electing form. The best example of it is TATA. TATA Nexon was first launched in Diesel and petrol variants but now TATA Nexon EV is the selling electric car in India. Here in the article, we are here with the 5 important reasons why EVs are getting popular.

How electric car works? Their Design

Electric cars are driven by an electric motor powered by a battery. The powertrain on electric cars is known to be highly efficient as it can provide instant torque at lower RPMs. This allows electric cars to get better acceleration without loss of power. Currently, all-electric cars are another version of fuel-driven cars but in the future electric cars are going to be more futuristic. At present, electric cars are available in a variety of car body types like sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and crossovers among others.

Why are electric cars getting popular?

Government not only in India but Governments all over the world promoting the use of EVs through subsidies and relaxations in taxes. consumers also demanding for low emission commuting vehicles instead of fossil fuel-driven vehicles that spread more pollution and become a reason for air pollution. Here are 5 important reasons why EVs are getting in demand.

  • Tax benefits
  • Low Maintenance and running cost
  • Eco Friendly
  • Better driving experience
  • Convenient charging

There is no doubt that EVs are the future of driving and the Automobile industry. The trend is irreversible because of the following reasons we mentioned above. Let’s know the reasons in detail below:

Tax benefits

  • Buying an EV can give you an advantage in tax savings.
  • Road tax at the time of purchase is waived.
  • The income tax benefit is provided as a deduction on the tax amount payable by an individual to the government.
  • Incentives such as interest-free loans, top-up subsidies, special incentives on electric three-wheelers, etc. can also be availed.

Low Maintenance and running cost

Whenever we think about buying a vehicle then its Running and maintenance cost is considered important thing and they should be. And it’s now well established that EV owners spent less on fuel/energy and maintenance as an EV has fewer moving parts than other fuel cars. EVs have very few parts that may break or need any repair or replacement. There is no need to change engine oil so it automatically becomes a cost saver.

Eco Friendly

Evs will help in reducing pollution. According to reports shifting to electric mobility will help India save nearly one Giga tonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. The lesser exhaustion of harmful emissions will lead to better air quality, which means fewer health problems. By shifting to EVs car buyers are ready for doing their job towards pollution control and it’s a good initiative.

Better driving experience

No gears and lesser noise is also a reason for car buyers to shift towards EVs. Electric vehicles don’t have gears, which ensures an excellent driving experience with no complicated controls. What you have to do is just accelerate, steer and brake. Electric motors are very quiet compared to internal combustion engines and their exhaust systems. According to some reports, noise has many negative impacts on health.

Convenient charging

As we all know that electric vehicles rely on electricity to charge their batteries and move instead of using fuel like petrol and diesel. It will be easy for the user to charge their car instead of waiting in a queue. Most of the charging stations are placed near malls, food courts and parks so that people can enjoy that time while their car is getting charged.

 Big names in the Indian Automobile industry like TATA and Mahindra are launching their new EVs soon.
 So, now decide wisely that do you need an electric car or another fuel-driven car.

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