Adah Sharma’s ‘The Kerala Story’ crosses Rs 100 cr

The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma’s latest film, ‘The Kerala Story,’ has been generating significant buzz and stirring debates in recent times. The movie has garnered mixed responses from audiences nationwide, with some hailing it as a hard-hitting portrayal of reality while others criticizing it as a propaganda film. Despite the controversies surrounding it, ‘The Kerala Story’ has performed exceptionally well at the box office, surpassing the remarkable milestone of Rs 100 Cr within just nine days. Renowned film trade analyst Taran Adarsh shared the film’s impressive statistics via his Twitter account.

Controversy Surrounding ‘The Kerala Story’ 

One of the major controversies that engulfed ‘The Kerala Story’ was related to its trailer. The initial trailer claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala had gone missing and joined the terrorist group ISIS. However, in response to widespread protests, the contentious figures in the trailer were retracted, and the description was subsequently altered to focus on the story of three women from Kerala. The controversy fueled intense discussions and drew attention from various quarters, including politicians.

Mixed Reactions and Impact

 The film’s lead actress, Adah Sharma, spoke to news agency ANI, expressing her perspective on the controversy and the film’s impact. Adah acknowledged that the story presented in ‘The Kerala Story’ is indeed unsettling. However, she emphasized that it is even more disconcerting that some individuals have labelled it as propaganda or solely focused on the number of missing girls. Adah believed that the film intended to raise awareness about the issue of missing girls, prompting discussions beyond mere statistics.

Box Office Success

 Despite the controversies, ‘The Kerala Story’ proved to be a massive success at the box office. The film’s exceptional performance and its ability to captivate audiences resulted in crossing the significant milestone of Rs 100 Cr within just nine days of release. This achievement solidifies the film’s popularity and underscores the impact it has made on viewers.

The role of documentaries in shaping public opinion and awareness.

Final Words!!

 Adah Sharma’s ‘The Kerala Story’ has become a noteworthy film, marked by both controversy and success. While the movie has sparked debates and faced criticism for its initial trailer claims, it has managed to captivate audiences and achieve remarkable financial success. Whether viewed as a hard-hitting reality or a propagandistic endeavour, ‘The Kerala Story’ has undoubtedly left its mark in the cinematic landscape, provoking discussions on critical social issues along the way.

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