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Netflix password

Netflix, one of the most popular OTT platforms, has finally taken action against password sharing after almost a year of warnings and trials. Contrary to its previous statement that “love is sharing a password” in 2017, the company announced its plan to prohibit password sharing in over 100 countries.

Cause of Action: Limiting Password Borrowing and Introducing Ad-Supported Alternative

To address market saturation, the streaming platform has set limits on password borrowing and introduced an ad-supported alternative.

Email Notifications Sent to Customers in Over 100 Countries

Netflix has sent emails to customers in 103 countries and territories, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. The email states that only one Netflix account can be used per household.

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US: Largest User Base and Additional Charge for Payments Outside Place of Residence

According to ABC News, Netflix has approximately 70 million account holders in the US. Customers making payments outside their place of residence will face an additional charge of $8 (Rs 660) per month. Members can transfer profiles while retaining viewing history and recommendations for a seamless transition.

Measures Aimed at Addressing Account Sharing Impacting Millions of Households

These measures are part of Netflix’s ongoing efforts to prevent account sharing, which is estimated to affect more than 100 million households worldwide. As of March, the OTT platform had 23.25 crore paying subscribers globally.

Users React to Email Notifications with Mixed Feelings

Members are now receiving email notifications about the changes, leading to mixed reactions. Some users expressed surprise and dissatisfaction on Twitter. Comparisons were drawn between the 2017 statement of “love is sharing a password” and the current situation in 2023. Others reminisced when they shared Netflix passwords with friends and family.

Final Words!!

Netflix has taken decisive action to crack down on password sharing, implementing measures to restrict borrowing and introducing an ad-supported alternative. This move comes after months of warnings and trials, with email notifications sent to customers in over 100 countries. While the US, with its large user base, faces additional charges for payments made outside the place of residence, members have the option to transfer profiles seamlessly. These measures aim to address the widespread issue of account sharing, which affects millions of households worldwide. However, the changes have led to mixed reactions among users, with some feeling a sense of rudely awakened nostalgia for the days of freely sharing Netflix passwords. As Netflix continues to evolve its approach and policies, the era of widespread password sharing on the platform is coming to an end.

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