Income Tax Dept. Launches Mobile App for Taxpayers

Mobile app

By introducing a mobile app named AIS for taxpayers, the Income Tax Department has made it possible for taxpayers to access and view their information. As it appears in the Annual Information Return (AIS)/Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS), according to an official release issued on Wednesday.

Features of the AIS for Taxpayer App

The mobile app AIS for taxpayers is available on Google Play and App Store. The app aims to provide the taxpayer with an overview of the AIS/TIS that displays information collected from different sources about the taxpayer.

The information available on the App

Taxpayers can use the mobile app to view their TDS/TCS, interest, dividends, stock transactions, tax payments, income tax refunds and other information (GST data, foreign remittances, etc.) available in the AIS/TIS, according to the release.

Feedback Opportunity for Taxpayers

The taxpayer also has the opportunity to provide feedback on the information displayed in the app.

Registration and Authentication Process

To access this mobile application, the taxpayer must register on the application by providing a PAN number, authenticate with the OTP sent on the mobile number and email registered on the e-filing portal. After authentication, the taxpayer can simply set a 4-digit PIN code to access the mobile app.

Enhanced Services for Taxpayers

This is another initiative by the income tax department in providing enhanced services to taxpayers, facilitating compliance, the department added.

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In conclusion, the launch of the AIS for Taxpayer mobile app by the Income Tax Department is a significant step towards providing taxpayers with a convenient and user-friendly platform for viewing their tax-related information. With features such as viewing TDS/TCS, interest, dividends, stock transactions, tax payments, income tax refunds, and more, the app aims to provide a comprehensive overview of taxpayer information collected from different sources. Additionally, the opportunity for taxpayers to provide feedback and the simple registration and authentication process further enhance the user experience. Overall, this is a commendable initiative by the Income Tax Department in providing enhanced services to taxpayers and facilitating compliance.

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