Health risks of running a Marathon

The ultimate aim for a recreational athlete is to complete a marathon. However, running a 26.2-mile or 41.2-kilometer race also have its risks. The majority of medical issues that arise during a marathon are mostly strains and sprains, which are not extremely serious.

Strains problem

Heart issues, however, have occasionally resulted in fatalities during or right after a marathon. Researchers in the United States discovered that 42 people died out of the 11 million runners that participated in marathons or half marathons in the previous ten years. The majority of them had ailments or heart-related issues.

Before beginning their preparation for a race, newcomers are advised by several health professionals to consult a doctor. Before running long distances, people with diabetes or cardiac conditions should also see their doctors.

Heart problem

Many amateur athletes do not adequately prepare themselves for a race. Being in good physical form for months takes a lot of self-discipline and is not always simple. Starting your training slowly and over small distances can help your body adjust to the physical load. Runners frequently make the error of starting too quickly. Days of training should be followed by rest periods. According to running experts, you should be able to run 15 miles, or about three-quarters of the marathon distance, at a comfortable pace approximately a month before the event. Another indication that you are in good form is having adequate reserves at the finish line.

However, overtraining might result in muscular stiffness or other ailments. You should slow down your training pace and take a few days off in this situation.

Stretching and warming up just before the start of a marathon might be beneficial to your overall performance. Dehydration and not drinking enough throughout a race are two of the major issues that marathon runners encounter. Your body may lose up to four liters of fluid by sweating and exhaling air when it’s really hot. Making sure you drink enough water throughout a race is one of your most critical jobs as a runner.

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