Chris Hemsworth releases teaser for Extraction 2


The sequel to the 2020 hit Extraction brings back Tyler Rake

Hello audience, Finally, Actor Chris Hemsworth has unveiled the teaser for the upcoming film Extraction 2, the sequel to the hit 2020 movie. The new film will once again feature Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake, a black ops mercenary, as he takes on an army of policemen to rescue a girl. The teaser was shared on Hemsworth’s Instagram account, where he wrote that the movie would debut globally on June 16, 2023, only on Netflix.

The power-packed teaser shows Hemsworth in action

The teaser opens with Hemsworth’s character arriving at a prison to free a girl but getting caught in a massive fight with cops. Despite being hit on the head, he regains his senses and fights the policemen, even though one of his hands is engulfed in fire. Hemsworth is seen riding a scooter and bringing down a chopper coming towards him in the next glimpse. The movie promises to be action-packed and thrilling, just like the first instalment.

Fans eagerly anticipate the sequel

Many fans expressed their excitement on social media, with several hailing Hemsworth’s character as the “mighty Thor” and eagerly anticipating his return. Extraction was a massive hit upon its release, with an estimated 90 million households watching it on Netflix. The new film is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo via their AGBO banner and directed by Sam Hargrave. Joe Russo, who also penned the first instalment of the film, has written the script for Extraction 2.

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Final Words!!

So, fans of the action-thriller genre have been eagerly awaiting the release of Extraction 2, the sequel to the highly successful Netflix film Extraction. With Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Tyler Rake, the new film promises to deliver even more heart-pumping action and intense fight sequences. The recently released teaser has generated excitement among fans, who are eagerly anticipating the film’s premiere on June 16, 2023.

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