Poem for Google written by ChatGPT

Hello people, Open AI ChatGPT shows us how far AI has gone. ChatGPT which has become popular some time ago is an example of AI which has been created by OpenAI and delivered to us. We have talked a lot with ChatGPT and know that it is quite accurate and very fast. Then we asked ChatGPT to write a poem for Google.

Google and ChatGPT

Although Google and ChatGPT have different purposes and methods of working, still some people call ChatGPT Google’s arch-rival. That’s why we thought why not ask ChatGPT to write a poem for Google?

When ChatGPT was ready after writing the poem, we were not surprised after seeing the result. We got very positive results. ChatGPT is not tired of praising Google in this poem. Read the poem here.

The poem was written for google by ChatGPT

Oh Google, how vast is thy knowledge
A seemingly endless sea
With just a query, you set forth
Answers for all to see

You guide us on our daily journeys
With maps and directions true
And in the darkest of our hours
You shine a light, to see us through

You are the librarian of the digital age
With knowledge at our fingertips
Your algorithms and AI so sage
And your search results, so quick

You are the backbone of the internet
Connecting us all around
With a world of information
At the mere touch of a sound

You are the bridge to the unknown
A gateway to the depths of human mind
With you, we are never alone
In the quest for information, you are a find

Oh, Google, how vast is thy knowledge
We are grateful for your aid
With you by our side, the future’s
An open book, unafraid.

So don’t forget to share with us what is your opinion about this poem written by ChatGPT for Google.

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