Kumite 1 Warrior: India’s first MMA reality program

Mixed martial arts (MMA) as a sport has grown tremendously in India. And more and more fighters are pursuing their MMA dreams. To give these fighters a stepping stone, MX Players’ in-house arm, MX Studios, is poised to present India’s premier MMA reality show Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt, which debuts on February 12th. Hosted by Indian film star Suniel Shetty. The reality show will pose daunting challenges to 16 handpicked contestants. And test their mettle to claim the ultimate fighter title. MX Player’s Kumite1 Warrior Hunt is produced in association with Toyam Sports Limited and has become the title sponsor of SATSport News. MMA is a highly competitive martial art that requires a strong mastery of the mind and body. 

Kumite 1 Warrior hunt

The show’s contestants will face each other in the ring. However, her real struggle is with her struggles stemming from her background, creating a thriving competition with a truly human touch from the ultimate fighter. Suniel Shetty said: “MMA is a really interesting sport. Discipline, determination, and dedication are at the heart of this sport and something we look for in our participants.

 The Original MX Studios Kumite Fighter Hunt 1 is not only India’s first MMA reality show but one that offers winners a global platform to represent their sport. It is also a great partnership with Toyama Sports Limited and our talented fighters. I can’t wait to share her journey with our audience.

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