Basketball: All you need to know

Basketball is a quick, thrilling, and well-liked sport that is practiced by over 300 million people worldwide. In 1891, it was created in the United States. Today, it is a sport that is practiced in many kinds of educational institutions worldwide. Teams in the National Basketball Association include the top professional athletes (NBA).

Measurement of basketball and ground

Basketball ground measurement

Basketball may be played practically anywhere, although it is often played inside on a court that is 15 meters wide and 29 meters long. Wood makes up the floor. You must shoot the ball through a backboard and a hoop at each end of the court. 3 meters is roughly how high the basket is from the ground. The official ball is 76 cm in diameter and is made of leather.

Numerous significant lines have been painted on the court’s floor. The game begins at the midcourt line and the center circle. Two players leap up and attempt to push the ball to their teammates after the referee throws it into the air. A curving line on the floor represents the three-point line. The team gets three points if a player makes a shot from beyond the 3-point line. After being fouled, a player attempts to score a point from the free-throw line. The baselines and sidelines serve as the court’s borders.

Rules and process

Five players from each squad can be replaced at any time. A team typically consists of a center, two guards, and two forwards. The shortest and fastest players are typically the guards. They play further away from the hoop and have to have strong passing and dribbling skills. Most of them are adept at making three-pointers. Guards are shorter and weaker than forwards. They are skilled rebounders and frequently play close to the basket. The center is the team’s most crucial player. He always keeps an eye out for balls that bounce off the backboard despite his height. He can win a game and is an effective scorer.


Basketball 1891-2021

Four 12-minute quarters make up a professional basketball game, with a 15-minute intermission between the second and third. Every time, the clock is paused.

A game might go up to two hours until the referee blows the whistle to end it. Teams play 5-minute extra periods if there is a tie at the end of a game. The game is ended if a side is ahead at the end of overtime.

By putting the ball through the hoop, players can score. When a player scores from behind the three-point line, they receive three points, and anywhere else inside the line, they receive two points. A player who is fouled is awarded one or two free throws, each of which is worth one point.

Basketball adheres to the same regulations as all other games. The ball must be moved by a player bouncing it across the court. Dribbling is another name for this. The referee hands the ball to the other side of the player pauses holds the ball for too long and then resumes dribbling.

A player commits a personal foul if he pushes, grabs, or strikes another player while he is attempting to score. Free throws are awarded to the fouled player. In the NBA, players are required to leave the field after accumulating six personal fouls.

A team is limited in how long it can hold the ball. The ball has only 24 seconds to try to get through the net; if it misses, the opposing team receives it.


The NBA is the top basketball league in the world. It has 29 teams, who compete in 4 divisions. The top teams battle for the NBA championship in the postseason. Every year, the NBA selects fresh young players from the top high school and college teams. To play in the NBA, a lot of players from other nations go to the United States.

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