Budget 2023: Record-Breaking Budget Allocation for Sports in India


The Indian government has recently announced its allocation of Rs. 3,397.32 crores for the Sports Ministry in the 2023-2024 Union Budget, representing the largest budget allocation for sports in the country’s history. This allocation comes at a crucial time, as Indian athletes prepare to compete in the Asian Games and prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Khelo India – National Program for Sports Development:

The flagship program of the Ministry of Sports, “Khelo India – National Program for Sports Development,” has received a significant boost with a budget allocation of Rs. 1,045 crores, an increase of Rs. 439 crores from the previous year’s revised budget of Rs. 606 crores. This increase reflects the government’s prioritization of the program, which has shown its potential to produce world-class athletes.

Sports Authority of India:

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has received an allocation of Rs 785.52 crore, an increase of Rs 36.09 crore from the previous year’s revised expenditure of Rs 749.43 crore.

National Sports Federations:

NSFs have received a budget increase from the previous year’s revised allocation of Rs. 280 million to Rs. 325 million.

National Anti-Doping Agency and National Doping Control Laboratory:

In a departure from the previous policy, the government has now allocated funding directly to the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) and the National Doping Control Laboratory (NDTL) rather than through the SAI. NADA, which is affiliated with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), has received funding of Rs. 21.73 crores, while NDTL, which conducts testing, has received Rs. 19.50 crore.

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National Sports Science and Research Center:

The Sports Budget has also provided funding of Rs. 13 crores for the National Sports Science and Research Center.


The government has shown a significant commitment towards promoting sports and providing the necessary resources for athletes to excel at the international level. The allocation of the largest budget in the country’s history for sports, along with the increase in funding for the “Khelo India” program and the Sports Authority of India, demonstrates the government’s priority to develop the sports sector and produce successful athletes. The allocation of separate funding for the National Anti-Doping Agency and the National Doping Control Laboratory also highlights the government’s emphasis on maintaining the integrity of sports through strict anti-doping measures. With this level of support, India is well-positioned to continue its growth in the sports world and achieve great success in the upcoming Asian Games and Paris 2024 Olympics.

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