IPL Fan Receives Backlash for Criticizing Kolkata Crowd’s Support for Dhoni at Eden Gardens


The IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders held on Sunday at Eden Gardens created a tremendous atmosphere, with the presence of MS Dhoni, who caused great excitement among the crowd. However, a social media user’s comments criticizing the support for CSK over KKR by Bengali fans caused controversy on social media.

Electric Atmosphere at Eden Gardens due to Dhoni

The match produced an electric atmosphere that rivalled even the infamous Chepauk Stadium, with CSK supporters outnumbering KKR’s and turning the stand into a sea of yellow. The crowd’s excitement was mainly due to MS Dhoni, who was the centre of attention.

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Controversial Social Media Post about Dhoni

A Facebook user named Siddhant Sheth’s post received significant attention due to his controversial statement that criticized Bengali fans for supporting CSK instead of KKR. He was quickly debunked by other social media users for trying to impose his views on others, stating that fans should be free to support the team of their choice.

Fans’ Responses

One social media user pointed out that the IPL stands for “Indian Premier League” and that fans should be able to enjoy any team they like, regardless of their location. Another user defended the massive support for CSK, stating that MS Dhoni is a veteran who has won the World Cup and that it was an opportunity for Kolkata to honour him.

Final words!!

Here the IPL match between CSK and KKR created an electric atmosphere that was fueled by the presence of MS Dhoni. While some social media users criticized the Bengali fans for supporting CSK instead of KKR, others defended the fans’ right to support the team of their choice. Ultimately, the IPL is a celebration of cricket, and fans should be able to enjoy it regardless of their affiliations.

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