Google launching a tool to Identify Fake AI Images

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Differentiating between real and fake images has become increasingly difficult. However, users will soon have a solution to overcome this problem. Google has announced that they are coming with a tool that will help in identifying the fake and AI generated images.

Google’s About This Image Tool

Tech giant Google has announced that it will launch an “About This Image” tool this summer. The Google tool aims to help users identify AI-generated fake images and videos. With this upcoming feature, users will be able to access crucial information about an image, such as when it was first indexed by Google, where it may have appeared initially, and where it has been seen online, including news, social media, or fact-checking sites.

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Understanding Image Credibility

Having background information about an image can significantly aid in understanding its credibility. For instance, the “About This Image” tool might provide information indicating that a staged moon landing image was created by AI, as reported by news articles. Google believes this tool will assist users in making informed judgments about the authenticity of images.

Accessing the Tool and Future Integrations

Once launched, users can access the “About This Image” tool in multiple ways. They can click the three dots on an image in Google Images results, search with an image or screenshot using Google Lens, or swipe up on the Google app. Google also plans to introduce integration within Chrome on desktop and mobile devices, enabling users to access the tool by right-clicking or long-clicking an image.

AI-Generated Image Watermark and Publisher Markup

In addition to the “About This Image” tool, Google will introduce generative image capabilities. Each AI-generated image will have a markup in the original file, providing users with valuable context. Creators and publishers will also have the option to add similar markups to their images. As a result, users may come across labels on images in Google Search, clearly indicating that they are AI-generated. Several publishers, including Midjourney and Shutterstock, will implement these labels in the coming months.

Google’s Commitment to Reliable and Quality Information

Google Search is dedicated to delivering reliable, helpful, and quality information. The introduction of the “About This Image” tool and generative image capabilities align with Google’s efforts to help users understand online content and navigate the ever-changing web. These features complement existing tools like “About This Result,” which provides additional information about sources or topics to help users evaluate the trustworthiness of what they read.

Final Words!!

Google’s upcoming “About This Image” tool will empower users to identify AI-generated fake images and videos effectively. By providing essential context about an image’s origin and presence online, Google aims to assist users in making informed judgments about image credibility. Additionally, generative image capabilities and publisher markup will enhance transparency, ensuring users can easily identify AI-generated images in Google Search. These features underline Google’s commitment to delivering reliable and quality information to its users in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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