3 most influential gadgets

Consider the equipment you couldn’t live without the frequent check of your smartphone. the camera you bring on all of your vacations. the TV, which acts as a gateway for gaming and binge-watching. Each owes its impact to a single model that permanently altered the direction of technology. These are the gadgets that we’re honoring on our list of the 3 greatest technological inventions ever.

Google Glass

Google Glass, which cost $1,500 and was available to participants in a type of open beta test, never gained popularity. Important cues for wearable technology’s future were offered by the head-mounted computer’s relative power. Glass demonstrated that wearable computing device manufacturers confront a unique set of presumptions and difficulties. For instance, Glass made it simple for users to covertly capture footage, which prompted certain eateries, clubs, and movie theatres to outlaw the gadget. Glass also demonstrated the potential drawbacks of readily recognizable wearables, possibly best shown by the moniker “Glassholes” being used to describe its early users. Although Glass was formally abandoned in 2015. The idea of augmented reality—which overlays computer-generated pictures on the actual world—remains a challenging one for many businesses. Google is one.

Makerbot Replicator

Makerbot replicator

The Makerbot Replicator wasn’t the first or the greatest 3-D printer for average consumers. However, the model’s under-$2,000 pricing made the technology generally available for the first time. The Replicator extruded hot plastic in the shape of artwork, mechanical components, and other three-dimensional objects using a technique akin to inkjet printing. Makerbot’s future as a business is unclear. However, the company’s machinery was instrumental in popularising 3-D printing and is a common sight in American classrooms.

Puppy Cube Projector Desk Screen

Puppy cube projector

The Puppy Robotics Puppy Cube (sometimes known as just Puppy Cube) is an ultra-short-throw projector with an Android computer built-in that offers touchscreen and virtual keyboard functionality as well as some stand-alone media possibilities. A built-in battery in the Puppy Cube enables distant users and supports wired. And wireless video connections to laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

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