Chatbot: Uses, Drawback and how they works?

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants instant answers to their queries. That’s why all companies try to solve their customers’ problems to maintain the brand’s reputation without damaging their loyalty. But giving instant answers to users 24/7 is not possible from a human point of view. Here’s how to improve customer experience with AI Chatbots. To manage the instant feedback problem, Chatbot was introduced. The entire customer service industry was revolutionized with this new addition, and the concept of business tactics has changed drastically. As a result, Chatbots are the new flavour of customer service. According to statistics, it has been found that over 69% of consumers are looking for instant answers to their problems from the person concerned. Yes, you read that right, and this figure will continue to increase over time. 

What is chatbot

 When computer programs respond naturally to an inquiry, this actual type of conversation is said to be due to AI chatbots.

With the help of a chat interface, chatbots get to converse with users about their queries. The best part of this application is that it can be used with many other applications and establish easy and barrier-free communication.

AI chatbots are developed in such a way that they can answer verbal and non-verbal questions and interpret them. Based on the questions, they provide relevant information to the users.

Can a Chatbot Replace Customer Support Agents?

It is a topic of great debate whether chatbots can replace customer service specialists and deliver the same experience to users with greater efficiency.

Today, chatbots are all the rage because they save time and are available 24/7. But it cannot be ignored that they are not meant to solve extraordinary queries and complex problems. These problems divert your chat to specialists.

Despite the numerous advantages, you can consider AI chatbots as a perfect substitute for human interactions. Today is the world of real-time interactions, and for this, you need to use bots at one point or another for a better user experience.

Benefits of Chatbots

Instant Customer Service:

 The best and most nominal pro related to chatbots is their availability. It will answer, no matter if it is 2 a.m. or 5 a.m. The 24/7 response feature attracts many companies to invest in chatbots. Taking a cue from historical conversation, chatbots can solve any query. These are proficient in solving the most basic tasks, such as answering basic questions about account balances, giving information about services, modifying an invoice, etc.

No Waiting Time Now

Waiting for someone to respond to your query is frustrating for many. Moreover, it negatively affects your brand image. By using chatbots, you can minimize the waiting time and respond to customers about their queries promptly.

Effective Interaction:

Another smart move by Chatbot is that they can personalize the customer experience after the fact. By working with the information developed in the agent and customer conversation, Chatbot personalizes your interactions with customers, leading to effective outcomes. In this way, you can judge the customer’s mindset and drive relevant solutions by focusing on the customer’s interaction with the company upstream.

Stress-free Experience:

Getting a timely response from the respondent makes it easier to solve the problem on time. Waiting for hours to get a valid response can make anyone nervous. Therefore, timely responses from AI chatbots can be considered a great feature to make the overall conversational experience stress-free and more manageable.

It has been found that people like to get solutions from chatbots; at least they get a timely response. In addition, more and more people are showing interest in having a chatbot solve their critical problems.

Encourage Employees:

The relationship between AI and employees ebbs and flows. But yes, the existence of AI will develop the fear of losing a job in the minds of employees, as AI has a great ability to mimic human behaviour. This, surprisingly, will encourage your workforce members to perform better, which will automatically increase their productivity and generate more profits.

The drawback of a chatbot

The disadvantage of using chatbots is the level of accuracy. It is obvious that a human can give the best answer related to complex queries in the most optimal way by understanding the perspective of the whole conversation. Chatbots are not as accurate (yet) when it comes to complex issues. This is probably the reason why they transfer the whole conversation to a human agent in case of a complex query.

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