China blocked Google’s YouTube in its country

The only area where Chinese people may speak or write whatever they want is probably online. However, according to a survey, China’s internet is among the most tightly regulated worldwide.

Block You tube

Most of the time, foreign websites are prohibited by the authorities. YouTube was shut down last week for depicting cops beating Tibetan monks. Additionally, if website owners don’t publish what they want, the government throws them in jail.

Even Nevertheless, China continues to rely heavily on the Internet for its news. Websites cannot all be banned. If the government shuts down ten of them, twenty others could start operating somewhere.

Normal people are content that they can read and upload a lot of content online, but many are also upset that the government has too much control over it. Many useful pieces of knowledge are never published online.

The government often makes recommendations to website owners on what content they can and cannot publish. For instance, Chinese news websites were prohibited from writing about a sizable oil refinery and its effects on the environment last month. Without a government permit, entertainment websites are not allowed to review international movies.

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