Google’s Blue Checkmark Feature to combat Phishing Attacks

Blue Checkmarks

Phishing attacks have been a long-standing problem for Gmail users, and to address this issue, Google has announced a new feature called the Blue Checkmark. This feature will verify the identity of the sender and reduce the potential for scams. In this article, we will discuss Google’s new Blue Checkmark feature, its benefits, and how it works.

The Blue Checkmark Feature

This feature displays a blue checkmark next to the sender’s name to verify their identity. This feature is similar to the verification badge displayed for verified accounts on Twitter. Based on this feature, users will now see a checkmark for senders who accept BIMI (Brand Indicator for Message Identification). Organizations that adopt BIMI will automatically receive a checkmark. The feature is an extension of BIMI, which was introduced in Gmail earlier this year.

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Its Benefits

This feature will help users differentiate messages from legitimate senders from scammers. The feature instils more confidence in the messages users receive, which is especially important in today’s digital age. The feature will allow users and email security systems to detect and stop spam while allowing senders to leverage their brand trust. This will increase trust in email sources and improve the reader experience, resulting in a better email ecosystem for everyone.

Additional Protection against Scammers and Fraudsters

Google has introduced the Blue Checkmark feature to provide users with additional protection against fraudulent activity and phishing attempts. As more companies adopt BIMI, the blue checkmark will become more common in users’ email inboxes. This step is significant as phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and users need to be vigilant to avoid falling prey to such scams.


This feature is currently free and available to all Google Account users, including Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers, and Google personal account holders.

Final Words!!

Google’s Blue Checkmark feature is a significant step in combating phishing attacks and ensuring email security. The feature helps users differentiate between legitimate and scam emails, provides additional protection against fraudsters, and increases trust in email sources. As more companies adopt BIMI, the blue checkmark will become more prevalent in users’ email inboxes, making the email ecosystem safer and more secure for everyone.

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