Government Blocked 14 Mobile Apps Used for Terror in J&K

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According to sources, the central government has blocked 14 mobile messenger apps which have been mainly used to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir. These mobile applications have been utilized by terrorists in Kashmir to communicate with their supporters and on-the-ground operatives (OGWs).

Identification and Blocking of Threatening Apps

The intelligence agencies in the Valley have been tracking communication channels used by Overground Workers (OGWs) and terrorists to communicate with each other. During the tracking process, officials found that one of the mobile applications used for communication was launched in India. However, there was no representative, making it difficult to trace the activities on the app. With the help of other intelligence services operating in the Valley, a list of apps that pose a threat to national security and do not comply with Indian law was created. The concerned ministry was then informed about the request to block these mobile applications.

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Use of IT Act to Block Apps

The official stated that the apps have been blocked under section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000. In an official communication to higher authorities, the intelligence services confirmed that these apps were propagating terror in the Valley. The list of blocked applications includes Crypvisor, Enigma, SafeSwiss, Vikram, Mediafire, Briar, Beechat, Nandbox, Conion, IMO, Element, Second Line, Jangi, Threema, and others.

Final Words!!

The blocking of 14 mobile messenger applications by the central government is a significant measure taken towards preventing the use of technology for terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir. The communication channels used by terrorists and their supporters have been identified and targeted through the efforts of intelligence agencies in the Valley. The decision to block these apps under section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000 was necessary to ensure national security and prevent the propagation of terror in the region. This action reflects the government’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its citizens and maintaining peace and stability in the country.

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