Impact of social media on human behavior and society

Social media has become a very important part of life nowadays. Nowadays you will find people sharing their big and small happiness and every small and big sorrow on social media. Especially in the youth, more craze is seen for this and which affects everyone personally and socially. So in this article, we have described some things related to it.

What is Social Media?

Social media refers to a variety of online communication platforms and technologies that allow users to create, share, or exchange information, opinions, and content in virtual communities and networks. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.

The positive behavioural impacts of social media:

Positive behavioural impacts of social media
  • Social media gave users access to a wide range of opinions and ideas from people from different backgrounds and places. This can broaden people’s perspectives, debunk common misconceptions about certain groups, and promote respect for individuals of all backgrounds.
  • The use of social media has helped individuals become more knowledgeable.
  • The majority of authors on social media encourage readers to learn new skills, take care of themselves, and pursue their hobbies at work. This has a positive impact on people’s actions.

The positive benefits of social media on society:

Social media
  • Traditional media was the sole means of communicating with people until recently (print, television, etc.). Not everyone was able to effectively share their thoughts and information with others. Large businesses dominate the majority of traditional media channels. Thanks to social media, everyone can now contribute to a larger audience, which has improved democracy and equality.
  • Social media allows minorities and disadvantaged communities to express themselves. For instance, a growing number of women who were previously silenced by societal norms are increasingly speaking up on social media. Another example is the fact that people with disabilities are speaking up in society and to the government, as well as giving resources to motivate those who are having a hard time.
  • People are working together effectively. By tweeting using hashtags, they are forcing governments to carry out their duties. Social media usage has advantages for society. For the Arab Spring, social media was essential.

Social media’s negative influence on conduct:

Social media’s negative influence
  • Numerous people have become celebrities thanks to social media. This is inspiring a lot of individuals to want to be famous. The process is making some individuals more egotistical and self-centred.
  • Many people think that aggressive behaviour is encouraged by social media. Before the internet, people could not easily harass others. Anyone may now effortlessly threaten and abuse people by hiding their identity. Trolls, threats, and cyberbullying are issues that most social media content creators have to deal with. People who mistreat others online frequently exhibit more aggressive behaviour.
  • Teenagers who are the targets of cyberbullying in particular feel anxious and hopeless. Because they are uninformed about appropriate online conduct, some people participate in cyberbullying.
  • Some young people struggle with low self-esteem difficulties as a result of the prominence of people showing their skills on social media.
  • Some people and civilizations can get enraged as a result of social media. Now, this fury shows itself in day-to-day existence.
  • There is a tonne of information on cosmetics and beauty products on social media. There is a tonne of makeup channels on YouTube. To improve their outward appearance, people are employing high-quality videos and images to market things. This leads to an unhealthy emphasis on looks among people, particularly girls.
  • Untrue information is worrying people. This leads to disputes and hatred among communities.

The negative consequences of social media on society:

  • It also promotes rumours and damages people’s reputations.
  • Social media is the primary driver of viral content. But not all popular media is trustworthy. There have been several examples of false information going viral. Several people have lately been lynched by a crowd on various occasions. They accepted erroneous information that there were active child traffickers in the area, which led to this. The villagers slaughtered innocent people because they thought they had come to kidnap children.
  • Powerful people are using social media to impose their beliefs on others. For instance, to influence public opinion and the course of politics, political parties are increasingly creating a lot of content for social media.
  • Trolling is one of the biggest issues with social media. Additionally, political tolling is extremely common.
  • Another method that militant organizations employ to influence and manipulate kids into supporting their ideas is social media.
  • The advantage of being the best in their sector belongs to big businesses. They spend a lot of money to create outstanding content that is to their advantage. They can also employ advertisements to boost engagement.
  • Social media plays a significant part in encouraging consumerism.
  • Social media utilizes data mining tools.


Despite its disadvantages, social media may be considered a positive force for society. To prevent the negative consequences of social media, such as trolling and fake news, tough steps need to be taken. Cyber defence cells and artificial intelligence may significantly lessen these problems when used together. Moral values must also be taught in schools and other organizations. programs that increase awareness help people comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of social media.

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