The judge in Colombia uses ChatGPT in a decision, sparking controversy

The inclusion of Mr. Padilla’s talks with ChatGPT in the judgment, but not the decision itself, sparked controversy.

A Colombian judge has sparked controversy after admitting to using ChatGPT’s AI program in a case involving the medical rights of an autistic child, according to an article in The Guardian. He said he also relied on previous conviction records to support his decision.

Juan Manuel Padilla, a judge in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, concluded that the child’s health insurance should cover all costs since his parents were unable to pay them.


The portal said that while the decision itself was not controversial, Controversial was the decision’s use of Mr. Padilla’s communications with ChatGPT. Legal documents show a judge questioning ChatGPT on a specific legal issue: “Is a minor with autism exempt from paying treatment fees?”

“Yes, that’s right. Under Colombian law, minors diagnosed with autism are exempt from treatment fees,” the AI ​​robot replied.

According to the outlet, Mr. Padilla used ChatGPT in compliance with Colombian Law 2213 of 2022, which states that virtual tools can be used on a case-by-case basis. However, the decision was made by some of Mr. Padilla’s associates.

A judge justified the use of the technology by saying that it could improve the efficiency of Colombia’s overburdened judicial system. In an interview with Blu Radio on Tuesday, Judge said that while ChatGPT and similar tools can be useful to “facilitate text editing,” they are “not a substitute” for judges.

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